• Jonathan Elwell

Speed Boat Versus The Tanker

The tanker is a slow moving cumbersome vehicle for the water. The captain turns the wheel and it takes the tanker half a mile before begins to turn.

A speed boat is fast. It speeds up and slows down quickly and almost instantly. It changes direction immediately. It is agile and can make quick decisions.

Business can be like this.

The bigger the business, the more difficult they can be to turn. It takes planning and consideration of many parts of the business.

Small business is more agile and can change direction quickly. One decision can be implemented at speed.

We work with both types of business and we recognise the ability to change in both scenarios. We have strategies and systems to suit both types of business.

We are the change specialists and we are helping SME's and large national companies change processes to ensure they save money and time.

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