Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is simply discovering the optimum solutions for your business by integrating the next generation of technology.
You don’t know what you don’t know
and your business runs with systems that were implemented at a different time and place to where your business currently operates.
Have you ever heard of the new married couple? The wife puts the beef joint in the roasting tin, but before she does, she cuts it in half. On seeing this, the husband asks why? She said that her mother told her to do it this way.
The husband, as a forward thinking philanthropist isn’t content with the explanation. So calls the mother and asks why she cuts the beautiful beef joint in half? She answers, because my mother does and always has.
So the husband calls his wifes grand mother. Why do you cut your beef in half before roasting? The grandmother replies “Because when the kids were younger we only had 1 baking tray and it was too small to hold a whole beef joint”!
The moral to the story is that there is always a reason why you do what you do in the way you do it. But it may not still be relevant.
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What Problems Can It Solve?

Digital transformation prevents falling behind your competitors and allows your business to grow and scale beyond current capabilities.

Digital Transformation challenges the status quo and out of date processes. Many companies don’t even realise there is a problem until they are shown. Legacy systems could be holding you back!

A company can only grow as high as the foundation is wide.
What success looks like using these technologies/services?
Companies that T-Box have worked with have saved considerable amounts of money, time and productivity. After going through a digital transformation process your business will be leaner, stronger and more agile. That’s our promise.