Covid 19
& Beyond.
Government guidelines and expectations have been difficult to execute in many places of work.
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TBox Limited are well versed in providing practical solutions to practical problems.
This is all about making your current systems and solutions more effective, efficient and robust.

We have been creating contactless and minimal touch technologies for years. We have saved businesses large sums of money in doing so. With the current situation, it may be more than money that we save. We may save the company itself.
Simply get in touch and we can begin to work our magic.
Committed to providing solutions to reduce the impact of Covid-19 throughout the sectors.
"It's essential that we do all we can to keep our staff safe. By minimising contact we can reduce risk and keep things moving"
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What our clients are coming to us and saying…
  1. How can we ensure that staff have the correct PPE for the tasks they do?

  2. We have little or no control over the parts in the stores and are worried about running out of essential items or PPE.

  3. We are worried about staff sharing barcode scanners or using keyboards to locate or book out parts.

  4. With some staff self-isolating and uncertainty of staffing levels how can we minimise the chance of contamination in communal areas?

  5. keeping an eye on expenditure is more important than ever so how can we ensure that we are not wasting money on duplicate or unnecessary purchases.

  6. We are concerned about the inventory not being accounted for. We are losing inventory but cannot find where it is being lost.

  7. Can we isolate critical parts and items so they can be regularly sanitised?

  8. We have too much of the wrong inventory and not enough of the right inventory.

How TBox can help...
Efficient Processes
1. Creating efficient processes for accessing parts with minimal contact.
We look at your current processes. We analyse these processes and create a plan of what success looks like. We then identify the issues within the current process that are causing the problems that restrict the success and we redesign the process that eliminates the restrictions of a successful outcome. We then implement the new system and go through the process again to ensure the successful outcome is achieved.
Contactless Technology 
2. Equipping Stores areas with contactless technology to control and manage parts.
There are several cost-effective solutions available to manage your inventory so to maximise the efficiency of the space and minimise staff contact. We provide a range of contactless technologies and mobile solutions depending on your need to aid staff in locating what they need before entering a storage area. These systems can remove parts and book them out without any need for human contact with communal keyboards or handheld scanners.
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Floorplan & Layout 
3. Re-design your available storerooms to efficiently manage parts and increase stores footprint.

We have designed and developed new stores areas and reconfigured existing storerooms for the most efficient and ergonomic parts access, from existing storerooms (Unipres)  and new Mobile stores installations (ZF).

TBoxLTD can provide a range of contactless entry solutions that restrict staff access to ensure “One In One out” and minimise risk of contamination in these areas.

We reconfigure store and floor layout to ensure multiple staff can operate within the area as safe as possible.

Having completed many successful Storeroom reconfigurations, we are confident that our intervention will increase part holding capacity and minimise contact.

Upskilling & Training
4. Create training and visual materials to help staff with process compliance and help keep them as safe as possible.

During the design process we map out your control areas. We have provided layouts and recommendation for many large manufacturers including Hitachi Rail, Komatsu and Nissan.

By mapping areas, we can help minimise staff contact and provide greater part visibility so that items are located 1st time every time.

Storage Technology
5. Provide racking systems and “bag and tag” technology to enable parts to be regularly sanitised without damaging the parts or products.

A simple by-product of the way we design and implement our stores solutions. Little did we know that it would be Covid-19 compliant when we first started with the system of bagging and tagging. We provide biodegradable bags that maintains the integrity of the part.  All stock can be sanitised and left in confidence.

The initial aim of this way of working was to ensure every part was catalogued and managed using contactless technology to maximise accuracy and display clearly and efficiently on racking solutions. The system made it quick and easy to locate and retrieve parts with minimal time and effort.