About TBOX
Design & Development 
TBOX is a UK based organisation focusing on the design and development of unique inventory management and asset tracking solutions.
About TBOX
TBOX is all about radically improving the efficiency of its clients
Designing solutions to replace manual processes with the latest automated inventory management systems and technologies, our goal is to reduce our clients NVA (Non-Value Added) activities through the development and successful implementation of technology.
We have discovered that many organisations have limited visibility to operationally critical parts and items once they arrive on site or left their storage areas.
Assumptions are made and time and money are lost because of inefficient manual systems that are unable to meet the demands the ever-increasing needs of the 21st century.

We work with our clients to deliver intelligent solutions to real world problems designed to provide dramatic improvement to visibility and trace-ability coupled with rapid return on investment.
Welcome to TBOX
Our creative director has been designing solutions for over 20 years.
We create better ways to collect and manage your data through innovation.


Flagship developments.
The flagship developments of the patented RFID stores portal and RFID enabled parts dispensing unit provide the core of control for all consumables durable and repaired parts with unparalleled accuracy control and real time reporting and data harvesting seen as a world-class control solution the Tbox offering is one of the strongest of its type available.
Image by Markus Spiske
Many of our customers have seen increased growth and changes to operating procedures requiring further innovation on our part to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for security, visibility and accessibility of their critical parts and consumables to minimise distribution.
Propod and Provyda
Tbox owns the Global Intellectual Property rights for the design and process of the ProPod and Provyda technology
and has granted a license to its partner for manufacturing and distributions rights under license, Tbox continues to develop the systems and the processes that has led to the current innovations.