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We create better ways to collect and manage your data through innovation.

Helping Business Adapt With Covid-19

Covid-19 has been a real pain for business in the UK. With many companies hibernating, liquidating or innovating in the early stages, it has become apparent that we need to move forward with good practice being at the heart of every plan.

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About TBOX

TBox is all about radically improving the efficiency of its clients. 

Designing solutions to replace manual processes with the latest automated inventory management systems and technologies, our goal s to reduce our clients NVA m(Non-Value-Added) activities through the development and successful implementation of technology.

We are solutions experts who can implement technology to save on at least one of the two most important factors in business.....

Time or/and Money

Welcome to TBOX

Our Services

We provide bespoke solutions to help your business save time and money by maximising the effects of technology within your business.  


Our Services

Warehouse Shelves

Track & Trace/RFID

From contactless credit card to key fobs to get into your car, RFID has proved a brilliant concept of transferring data through the air waves. 

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We take the best of what you have and make it better.

This is all about making your current systems and solutions more effective, efficient and robust.

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3D Printing



Digital transformation is simply discovering the optimum solutions for your business by integrating the next generation of technology.

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R&D Tax


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Patent Preparation and Prosecution



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“Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund ” 

Up To 40% Funding Available


We have developed over 100 successful outcomes with businesses ranging from SME to large corporate. 

TBox have a number of current patents in place for successful outcomes. We have helped numerous businesses move forward in business whilst gaining R&D tax credits to subsidise the cost of the project. Thus creating solutions at a fraction of the cost. Our concept design team have created vast numbers of designs that have solved problems right across the sectors.

Design and layouts completed for customers and clients.
Successful technology implementations.
Transaction controlled and managed by TBox patented technology.
Savings achieved through innovation and implementation of technology solutions.
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Our Blog
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It is difficult to put a name on our solution. We design bespoke solutions. We need to know your problem to tell you how to solve it. We are always looking for problems. This is where we shine. See some of our latest news to find out more about how we solve problems.

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